The Association

Our public places and physical environment are a precious and prized possession. This is where it all happens, where culture and society come together and a city develops its identity. What is needed in order to create, develop and maintain a sound environment? And how can we go about doing this together with the participation and involvement of concerned citizens? Questions which are dealt with on a daily basis by all municipalities and their partners.

Our association, Stadswerk Nederland offers all Dutch municipalities a forum in which knowledge, know-how and experience can be shared and exchanged on a broad array of topics both nationally as well as internationally. As a member of the IFME - International Federation of Municipal Engineering Stadswerk is also connected internationally. Aside from our existing network group of more than three thousand driven and specialized professionals our exposure is further increased by the widespread distribution of our Stadswerk magazine.

An association with an affluent history
Stadswerk is known for having an affluent history. On October 16, 1904 during a dinner meeting at Hotel Boompjes under the leadership of Gerrit Jan de Jongh, Director of Public Works Rotterdam the Association of Directors Public Works was established. The main goal was to exchange knowledge, know-how and experience by means of ‘show & tell’. It is this memorable moment which is regarded as the official start of Stadswerk.

The current structure of Stadswerk Nederland as we know it today has been in place since 1992.

Meeting and activities
Stadswerk connects and brings together individuals, corporations and municipalities. This knowledgeable network of people come together during meetings  and gatherings varying in both size as well as subject; study groups, close to home, cafés, fieldtrips and symposiums. Stadswerk not only brings these groups together in the field but also encourages online contact: including a website with online access for members only. Thanks to the extensive technical development members are easily able to find each other, for example; per region, profession, filed or other specific competences.

Stadswerk is an association which is supported and represented by member municipalities. These same municipalities make use of the association by exchanging knowledge, know-how and experience amongst each other.

It is then during these meetings and activities that one will hear “how it can be done” and not “how it must be done”.

Stadswerk accommodates and connects
Stadswerk is active within 45 network groups, commissions and committees. We are also involved in numerous advisory councils and committees, both nationally and regionally in which the interests of our members are also represented.

Stadswerk knowns its members and can therefore ensure that the varying networks are brought together accordingly. Stadswerk also promotes and advocates the optimal use of our public spaces and physical environment keeping both a socially and politically appropriate agenda. We encourage feedback and suggestions regarding current matters, and express these publically as can be read in our Stadswerk magazine!

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