Nature Conservation Act

Stadswerk is proud and happy to support its members in respect to the Nature Conservation Act. In doing so Stadswerk has developed two codes of conduct which can be used or applied as an exemption.

General information regarding Nature Conservation Act
The Nature Conservation Act has been set in place by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and is intended to protect wild animals and plants as found in our natural habitat. For example, it is against the law to pick certain flowers or plants as protected under this act. In some cases and under certain circumstances and conditions an exception to this act can be made. In this case one must be in the possession of an exemption. The above mentioned conduct codes as developed by Stadswerk can be applied as an exemption.

Anyone who has does something which affects plants and animals as protected under the FNature Conservation Act, has to deal and abide by the laws of this act. For example, in construction, demolition, building, road work, ect.

For more information we would also like to invite you to visit the RVO website. In addition you can also contact Stadswerk directly via

Current Conduct Codes
The current conduct codes (as drafted under the Flora- and Fauna Act) remain valid.  There is however a new list of protected species. The conduct code is no longer applicable for those species which are no longer listed. In addition, the current conduct codes are not valid for those species which are new to the list (these are only valid once reviewed) and can therefore not be applied as an exemption. Should there be a situation in which the prohibitions of a new protected species will be violated one must apply for an exemption. In this case, the current conduct code(s) can be used to as a guideline to ensure proper handling during execution.

Due to the new Nature Conservation Act, Stadswerk is also currently working towards a revised version of the current Conduct Code Spatial Development & Placement.  Approval by the Ministry is expected at the end of 2017. The Conduct Code Reliable Management and Maintenance Landscaping remains valid till October 29, 2019.

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