Join Us for the World Urban Parks Member Marathon: Shaping the Future of Urban Green Spaces


Our world is evolving rapidly, and so are the challenges faced by urban environments. Climate change, social inclusion, and sustainable development are among the pressing issues we must address.

World Urban Parks believes in the power of green public spaces to transform our communities for the better, and we invite you to be a part of this global conversation.

The World Urban Parks (WUP) Member Marathon is an exciting global initiative that throws open the doors of knowledge, collaboration, and conversation within the realm of parks and public spaces. It's a unique opportunity to learn, dialogue, and engage with other individuals who share our passion for creating greener, more vibrant cities. This upcoming December 5 and 6, 2023, we are celebrating 24 hours of dynamic discussions and opportunities for collaboration in the parks world. Stadswerk is a proud member of WUP.

What can I expect at the World Urban Parks Member Marathon?
Explore Global Trends: Gain fresh insights into the latest trends and tendencies shaping the world of parks and public spaces. Get inspired by experiences, ideas, and innovations that can shape the future of urban greenery through online webinars and panel discussions.

Promote Research and Knowledge: Network with like-minded professionals, fostering collaborations that can drive positive change. Showcase your research, projects, and knowledge that can contribute to the advancement of park design, conservation, and sustainability by engaging with the existing World Urban Parks programs. Be part of a collective effort to elevate the standards of urban green spaces worldwide.

Join the WUP Community: Learn about our organization through open Q&A sessions where we will discuss our active programs, communities and membership benefits. The Open House is a great chance to interact with current members of the WUP family who are fostering a network of park professionals and enthusiasts who are dedicated to enhancing urban green spaces.

Check full program schedule here

Let's shape the future of urban green spaces, one park at a time!

Become a WUP member during the Marathon with a discount!
World Urban Parks offers an extra bonus during the Marathon: 15% discount for individuals or groups that sign as members during the Marathon (December 5th and 6th) in all their memberships. The code to redeem the promotion is: WUPMARATHON2023

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