IPWEA Asset Management for Green Infrastructure


Are you considering Green Infrastructure solutions? Currently considering how to incorporate Green Infrastructure into your Asset Management Planning process?

IPWEA invites you to attend this "Asset Management for Green Infrastructure” webinar to delve into the world of Green Infrastructure and how you can include it in your asset and financial management plans.

Green Infrastructure assets include street trees, gardens, parks, nature reserves, green walls and roofs, rivers, streams, water sensitive urban design components, mangroves, living shorelines, hybrid reefs and other nature based assets.

Here is The registration link

The speakers are outstanding including our very own Chris Champion IFME Sec-General, who will be facilitating Q and A. This webinar will have the option for viewing in different languages. The webinar will be free, but only by attending will a registrant receive a handout.  Finally this is a great introduction to some of the topics at the fantastic Future Green City World Congress: https://fgc2024.com

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